Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Joey- surgery is on- prayers please.

I just got the call that the Doctors at Boston Children's Hospital don't feel they can safely wait any longer. Our great nephew, Joey will be having his open heart surgery this afternoon. It is expected to take 5-6 hours. The biggest concern, besides the obvious delicacy of the surgery, is how he does with the heart/lung bypass machine. There is a risk of neurological damage due to his age. There is also a risk that his newborn heart won't "remember" to restart. Please pray for a good outcome, and a successful surgery. Also pray for his parents, Tricia and Mike, and my brother and sister-in-law, Laurie and Michael. Thanks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Breaking Free

I've tried to avoid this one for a while. I had the book, read a few chapters, decided it was going to hurt, and sold it on Ebay. But alas, God had other plans for me, and now I find myself in Beth Moore's study, Breaking Free. And I still think it's gonna hurt. Let's face it, we all have our issues, right? What am I breaking free from, you ask? Well, that's between God and myself. But I have had a worrisome thought. What happens if someone gets their hands on this book, after I've written down all my "stuff"? I remember the last time I saw Beth Moore speak she told about a friend who had died. The friend's husband gave all the women's completed studies to Beth! Good thing his wife was already dead, or she'd have to kill him. Even in death, I'd prefer to keep my stuff just between Him and I. So, here's what I'm thinking: I'd like to buried with all my Bible studies. I know "you can't take it with you", but I'd prefer if no one else got their curious little hands on it either. So, if you hear of my sudden demise, please let my husband know about my dying wish. And if I'm already in the ground when these books turn up: burn them please! Thanks.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On witnessing...

God has really been working with me in this area. He's been making clear to me things that I knew in my head, but for some reason I was having a hard time putting into action. How am I, as a Christian, to share that hope that is within me? With words? With actions? If He's called me to be His witness, how does that play out in everyday life? You know what? This might not be a shocker to you, but it's not about me. It's not even really about the people I'm trying to witness to about Christ. It's all about HIM! He doesn't need me. He allows me to be a part of His plan thankfully, but I can't save anyone. I couldn't even save myself, so what in the world makes me think I can save others?? Now, I'll readily admit that God has given some the gift of evangelism. But even then, it's God doing all the work, He's just using someone to speak the words of life. God does the drawing in, not us mere humans. So then, what are those of us without that gift to do? Am I off the hook, so to speak? I don't think so. God has convicted me of two things I'm to do. The first is to radiate Christ. Here's the kicker, though: If I'm trying to radiate Christ, then it once again becomes about me. If I have to try, it's not really Christ I'm showing. It's how kind I can be, or how supportive I can be. Where's God in that?? So I've stopped trying. Instead I'm getting out of His way. Amazing things happen when I get out of the way! By learning to abide in Him daily, I've found that Christ radiates through me. I don't have to do anything! Isn't that cool? The second point God has made over and over, is that I need to be ready to give an account for the hope that is within me. This is very much connected to point 1, because when Christ shines through you, people notice, and they ask questions. Again, by abiding in Him, He shines through, and gives me the words. It's all Him, really it has little to do with me. I have noticed a trend lately, though. The more time I spend in prayer, and in His word, the more often I'm asked questions about my faith. I don't even have to bring up the topic. I remember one time recently when I was with someone I had been praying for. Out of the blue, he asked me, "So what was up with the resurrection, anyway?" I was a little shocked to be honest. But I shouldn't be. When I abide in Him, I should expect such questions. So I guess the moral of this story is that it's not about me, or you, or even the lost world out there. It's all about Him, our glorious King and Savior. Don't you feel better now?

Baby Joey Update

Joey's surgery has been moved to Monday morning. I'm not sure why, but I assume he's doing OK if they're going to wait. (I got my information third hand from my 13 year old niece- so no details) Please continue to pray for him. Thanks!

Editted: Ok, it looks like my niece didn't know what she was talking about. Joey had a procedure today where they went in through an artery in his leg. They were hoping to open up an artery that was malformed, and too small for blood to flow through. They'll know by late tonight or early tomorrow how successful the surgery was. If things look good, they will be able to hold off on the open heart surgery until he is 5 months old. If not he'll have the surgery on Monday to close the hole in his heart.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I think it's clear to all of us that things in the country are just not fair! (Can you hear me stomping my feet?) Why should someone who has a college education make more than a high school dropout? So what if they studied hard, worked several jobs while in school, and took out big loans. Just because they have specialized skills that they worked diligently to acquire, they get to make more money? Doesn't sound fair to me. And what about all those people saving for their future? Just because they live within their means and save and invest their money, is it really fair that they have bigger bank accounts?? We must punish these people. They should spend every penny, and take out loans they don't intend to pay back like the rest of America. We should make those responsible people pay big-time, so the rest of America can have what they want. It's only fair. And don't get me started on homeowners. Why do the people who bought houses they could afford get to keep theirs, when others are losing their homes? Just because they pay their mortgage every month?? Doesn't sound fair to me. I mean this is America. If someone wants something, they should have it. Why should they have to work hard, and save their money? It's just not fair, at all. But fear not, America, fear not. It look like within months we will complete our transition to a socialist nation. Then every thing will be great again. Hmmm...I wonder what will happen to all those hard working, living -within -their -means types.

Baby Joey update

It looks like Joey will be operated on tomorrow (Thursday) morning. He's doing well at Boston Children's Hospital. The outlook is much better today. There's even a chance they won't have to open his chest. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prayers please

My niece, Tricia, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Sunday. Last night I went to see him at the hospital. He's a peanut! And cute as can be. Later in the evening, my niece took a shower and brought the baby to the nursery. When she came back, they were intubating her son! A nurse noticed his poor color, and thankfully checked his oxygen levels. He was brought to the NICU at the best hospital in the state. There they discovered he has a serious heart defect. There's a problem with his valves, and he also has a hole in his heart. They tranferred him to Boston today, with 6 doctors in the ambulance with him! He will be having open heart surgery within the next day or two. Please pray for little Joseph, and his parents, Tricia and Mike.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He calls me Fred...

Don't you love how kids often "hear" the lyrics to songs differently then the rest of us? Today we were driving listening to KLOVE, when my son starts laughing.
"That song is so funny!" he says.
The song was Friend of God by Phillips Craig and Dean.
Well, I didn't think it was that funny..... until Alex started singing along.
"I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me FRED!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm back...

not sure where I went, or why...but I'm back...I think. I really don't know what happened! Summer flew by, while I obsessed about curriculum. The kids had a fun filled week at day camp, while I obsessed about decluttering. We started back at school in late August. After all that obsessing about curriculum, I couldn't wait to start. We're off to a great start. The calendar is quickly filling up. Who says homeschoolers don't get out enough? Are you kidding! Take a look at my calendar. I think we actually get out too much! But that's life with three kids. Ballet, soccer, theater, iceskating, girl get the picture...and that doesn't count all the homeschool get togethers we enjoy. Somehow I'm managing to be out and about, and still educate the kids. I've had to let go of some things. Like my deep desire to be done with school everyday by noon. Some (most) days that's just not possible. I thought we'd just get an early start, but I forgot we're not morning people. So I just let it go...somedays we're still doing school when the buses roll by...but that's ok. It usually means we spent the better part of the day having fun!
Well, I hope to be more consistent with posting. I realized I was talking to myself way too much...time to start blogging again. At least here I can delude myself into thinking I'm not just talking to myself!