Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Great is our God?

Pretty amazing. He literally blows my mind, on a regular basis. As I've mentioned in my last post, I've been writing to a lost teen, who I love very much. God first convicted me to write to him about two months ago. Being me, I had to discuss the point with God. I mean, it seemed kind of weird to write a letter to someone I see on a regular basis. What was I supposed to do, sneak in his house and stick a letter under his pillow? At the same time, I saw his life spiraling out of control. Within days of God telling me to write to him, I discovered he would be away, and my only means of communicating would be via writing. (See how smart God is.) So I set pen to paper and started writing. I felt very convicted to share "God Stories" with him. I wrote about the many ways I've seen God work in both my life and his. Over the course of the last 6 weeks I've told him many stories about God's intervention in his life, and the life of his family. Things he would be aware of, but not necessarily see the God connection. During that period I've received a very positive response from him. He even wrote that he didn't think I was crazy, and it's all starting to make more and more sense. Over the course of the weeks, I've shared the Gospel, and his need for forgiveness, but not in the conventional way. I just told him the stories God put on my heart. So about a week ago, I felt it was time to lay it all out as clearly as possible. I wrote him a letter that spelled out the Gospel. I even included cute little drawings to demonstrate his separation from God. I worried a little that I may have gone too far. I certainly didn't want to overwhelm him, and push him away. But God had it all in His hand! So the other day I got a letter from him. Talk about God's perfect timing. He wrote that right before he got my letter "with the drawings", he had read a little book that a "priest" had given him. He told me the book said that he had a sin problem, and he needed to turn away from his sin, ask Jesus to come into his life, and forgive him. He then wrote that right after he did "it", he received my letter. He was amazed that my letter said he needed to do what he had just done! I'm assuming the "it" he's referring to is receiving Christ as his Savior. So, how wild is that? He told me to write to this boy before I even knew what his circumstance would be. He then lays on my heart stories of His faithfulness and trustworthiness, all to prepare his heart for the best news ever. Coincidence that he received my letter immediately after praying for Jesus to come into his life? Or a "God thing", to confirm to him that he made the right choice? Now that, my friends, is a Great God. What a blessing to serve Him!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogger break

Well, it appears I've disappeared from bloggityville. It was not a planned break, just a lot going on. Between sports and the play the girls are in, I've been going non-stop. Also my Grandmother is in the hospital, Mother's Day etc... I've been expending most of my writing energy to correspond with a troubled teen I know and love. Let's just say he's "away", courtesy of the State of RI and his own poor choices. But he's responding well to my letters, so if you can send up a prayer for him, I'd appreciate it. Hopefully I'll be back next week when things slow down.